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What is the Village Movement?

It's generally acknowledged that the first "Village" in the sense of a group of aging neighbors helping each other originated in Boston's lovely, historic Beacon Hill neighborhood.  

As they describe what happened, "In 1999, our founders, a group of friends, gathered to talk about the future. We wanted to stay engaged in our own neighborhood in this vibrant city. But we recognized that we might need support in the future.

Since that beginning, the concept has spread nationally.  Each Village is self-organized though they share information with each other freely, so there are some elements of commonality.  The originating core is the matching of volunteers who are willing to provide services with others who need those services.  Some volunteers provide rides for those who can no longer drive.  Others step in to provide household services.

Below are links to some examples of thriving Villages and to the national organization which has been formed to help facilitate the growth and professionalism of the village movement.

Beacon Hill Village, Boston, MA

The spontaneous support group that started it all and that has now evolved into a major national movement to help people who are aging avoid having to move to an institutionalized setting.

Staying Put New Canaan

Staying Put New Canaan brings together the citizens of New Canaan, CT.  It is one of the more experienced, and professional led villages from which others can learn.

Village Movement California

The California organization is a statewide coalition of "villages" in that state.  It facilitates the sharing of ideas, experiences, and resources.  It seeks to revolutionize the experience of aging.

Village to Village Network

VtV Network is the national organization bringing together villages from throughout the United States.  It meets in an Annual Conference and it hosts numerous webinars and other resouces.

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