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So, You'd Like to Stay Put in Your Own Home

The material provided here is intended to help you to think of the things you will want to consider in making your decision.

The decision is yours and, while we are seeking to be fair and objective, the information provided here is only complete to the best of our knowledge and belief. We welcome any corrections or additional information.

Naturally Occuring Retirement

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities, affectionately known as NORCs, are a relative recently recognized form of senior living. 

The Village Movement

The Village Movement is a grassroots program to allow older people to come together to help and support each other.  Originating in the 1990s, it is one of the newer, more vibrant options.

Getting Help When Needed

As aging in place is becoming more prevalent, services are developing to support people in their homes.  Notable is the National Aging in Place Council.

Technology to the Rescue

It's evident that technology is moving rapidly to help you stay in your home.  The need for services that once made assisted living and continuing care attractive is now available from a Smartphone.

Our Voices Matter.  We will be heard.
If it's about us, then with us.

We support ideas over candidates or political parties.