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Welcome to Action Aging

This website is for you.  Whether you think you should start planning for aging; or if you are concerned for a parent or loved one who is aging; or if you are already all set, this is about staying active and making a difference.

Continuum. Life is a continuum. This becomes dramatically evident as we age. After years of productive effort, it is liberating to be able to pursue our passions and to apply our energies to what we enjoy. Age is also a time of transition as we enjoy watching the world unfold before us but as we also experience loss. By accepting loss as a new reality, we can find fulfillment throughout our lifetime.

Aging is a time for fulfillment. It need not be passive. Let’s embrace Action Aging. Today, Age is the golden time of freedom.

Who We Serve.

ActionAging.com serves you. We are all aging. Planners think ahead to be ready for all life’s contingences. Others – most of us – wait to cope with life as it comes to us. We’re too occupied with today’s challenges to be able to prepare for tomorrow. A very few of us are so positioned that we have the resources at hand to provide for whatever comes without a need for preparation or for scrambling for help in a time of crisis. In other words, some of us can afford to plan; others hope all works out for the best; and a fortunate few are filthy rich.

Some of us will live full and complete lives, which end suddenly. Some of us will live unchallenged until suddenly decline sets in and we fade slowly toward life’s close. Still others among us will reach a stage in which there are episodic ups and downs that may require hospitalization or temporary assistance after which we are restored to health commensurate with our age.

ActionAging.com is for everyone from the very young… but growing older… to the very old who may be surprised to still be lingering in our midst. We love you all and we don’t want you to leave us or, if you’re still young and flourishing, we want your future years to be your best years.

Why ActionAging.com Matters.

In Mt. Airy, NC, a man in his 90s is aging in place in his home. He is a successful retired businessman who has been self-sufficient all his life. Now he faces the ultimate loss of self-esteem. He has about spent through all his wealth paying for caregivers to come to him to meet his needs.


Soon he will qualify for the only government assistance for those who need age-related long-term care. He will have met the spenddown requirements of the Federal Medicaid program, and he can then become a ward of the government. He will then be entitled to a subsistence existence under a set of complex rules.

That has not been his wish. He has sought to provide responsibly for himself throughout his life. Now he is confronting the ultimate humiliation… the loss of dignity that comes with financial dependence on welfare. It is devastating for his self-esteem.

That’s the plight of many who are aging now in America.

America needs a sound national aging policy. Those who are aging need guidance in how best to cope with the imperfect system which we now have. ActionAging.com is here to make our world a better place in which to age, but in the meantime, to help both (1) those who are thinking of age and (2) those who are experiencing age first hand, to work within today’s system for happy outcomes.

America can become an age-friendly republic. We aim to light the way toward that haven of hope. 

Our Voices Matter.  We will be heard.
If it's about us, then with us.

We support ideas over candidates or political parties.